Sunset Junction 2008

Sunset Junction CrowdImage by Clinton Steeds via FlickrSo I pick up Anthony L Montoya in Alta Loma,California after sleeping only 3 hours.
I had performed at Goodfellas Music Venue in Rancho Cucamonga, California.

We went down the 210 to 134 to the 101 fwy. We took the Lauren Canyon exit.
Passed through Hollywood hills while giving Anthony the tour of the John Holmes "Wonderland Murder" house, then up by the Mary Astor house where Marilyn Manson lives. That home the Beatles and the Rolling Stones made famous.

Then we went down to Sunset then East to Silverlake.
We stopped to get some tall cans of Bud light then parked by the Event.

We walked without a care in the world. I thought it was free.
We walked pass the guys at the gate with no problem.
Then these guys in a golf cart stopped and said, we dont have blue wristbands.
We need to go pay.

We went to the ticket booth.
20 bucks to get in? Damn.
We are deff. finding a way in.
We walked around half the festival with no luck.
Then I remembered I had some wristbands in the car.
2 blue wristbands I had.
We put em on and were were in.

I seen my favorite bar in Los Angeles the "4100 Bar"
We spent the rest of the night there from 3pm to 9pm.
Prices were on the Up.
2 long Island Ice teas for $30 (tip included)
Luckily we made friends with a guy in there with a Jack Daniels bottle.

We were suppose to meet up with our friends,Nick and Michelle. We were suppose to go to Lucky Strike for Michelles B-day. Sorry Michelle.

When I got in the car. I passed out.

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