Electric Daisy Carnival 2008

We left for EDC (Electric Daisy Carnival) with 6 of us in a 4 seat Xterra from Rancho Cucamonga, California
Michelle, Anthony, Nick, Derek, Louie, Me
Michelle drove to the Colliseum.
We kind of got lost by taking the 101,then hitting traffic, exiting on Alemeda, and going South past the 10 fwy. Right on Vernon to Normandie. Then asking for directions to the Los Angeles Colliseum.

We got there. Parked on 37th and Raymond Ave.
Drank some beers and walked in at around midnight.

We had the hook up on All Access Passes.
So we saved $600 of the $96 cover they were asking at the door.

The VIP free drink area was the spot we were in.
The ice cream reggae truck was the place I was feeling.

Inside the forum looked too crazy to try and walk through.
Michelle and I watched from the VIP Cabana area.

Good thing I was drinking Monster and Vodka.
This kept me up for my drive home

Michelle went back to the car around 330am. Before Anthony and Nick Montoya, my Brother Derek,and Louie.
We stopped at AMPM on the corner of Vermont and javascript:void(0)
Publish PostExposition BLVD.
Spicy Hot Dog~! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

We made it back to Rancho Cucamonga at 5:30 am

Thanx Pasquel.

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Kohoutek Comet Festival 2008

This was a free event with free beer.
2 or 3 kegs of Sierra Nevada.
(I tipped 2-4 bucks a beer to support the cause! well, and to put in for another keg)
The students there also sell cotton candy, cupcakes, oranges, and other things.
They had a bus there that runs off of veg. oil.
KSPC was there.
They had a jumper and a sumo ring.
I wanna dj there next year.

I took my girlfriend Michelle and my little boy Emilio.
This event is great for kids. Just look at the footage:

The vibe was cool and the music was great.
When we were leaving more people were arriving.
I think arriving at 430 is early.
However we did see 2 bands.
We left at 7pm and wanted to go back at 10pm but Emilio stayed up late.
The website says it was going to be over at 2am.

I am going back next year for sure.
For information visit back here or Google

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Coachella 2008 might ban future concerts?

What did Goldenvoice do wrong?


According to USA today

The 41-year-old actor Gary Dourdan was arrested after police found him asleep in his car in Palm Springs on April 28. He was allegedly parked on the wrong side of the street with the car's interior light on he was charged with felony possession of heroin, cocaine and ecstasy.

Remember in the 90's when california banned "Raves" in California.
Back in the 90's a car full of kids went over a cliff coming home from a rave, in the Los Angeles national forest. On drugs or not, this is the reason why raves were banned in California.

I remember the best event I went to was a rave called "Narnia" this was at the Snow Valley Ski Resort in Running Springs.
I go to many events annually Festivals, Concerts, Venues.
Nothing beats what the governments calls "Raves"

Are Festivals the new raves of the millinium?
It looks like it.

Festivals such as Coachella has the same artist that these raves had.
Raves were just concerts.
It seem like Festivals and Raves have the same atmosphere.
I know for a fact that concerts do. I have seen them.
They wont ban Ozzfest, Rock The Bells, Kroq Weenie Roast
Email your local government official and tell them to abolish the "RAVE ACT" now AND
Keep Coachella going, Keep Concerts going, Keep Music going!


As for Coachella 2008.

My friends went all 3 days in a RV.
I met up with them on Saturday. My friends were parked next to Yelle's RV.
Here is some footage:

We showed up around 5pm.
The traffic wasnt even as bad as last year.
It took a half hour wait in the car to get into the VIP parking.
Last year the line started over the bridge on Monroe.

The best performance: MIA
Played out Performance: Prince
Worst Peformance: None
Wanted to see: Boys Noize,Hot Chip,Mark Ronson,Uffie,Calvin Harris

I had to pay $20 to get my 40 inch helium filled balloon inside Coachella.
I found my friends instantly and they found me.
Thanx for the pics everybody.
They can be seen on my myspace page @ www.myspace.com/crazygabedj

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Rock the Bells 2007

Good times!
Rage against the Machine, Wu Tang, Cypress Hill among alot of my favorite talented performers.

Car pooling is a must. Parking at the Hyundai Pavillion VIP is limited.

At sundown. Rage against the machine got the fire pits going! You know when its a good concert at the Hyundai when you see fire pits.
Thank Nick Montoy for letting me use your lighter to start this one!
I also burned my "I Love L.A." shirt. Alot of people took pictures of the shirt going up in flames while I was holding it above the fire. Email me a pic.

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