Chug at Oktoberfest Festival in Lake Arrowhead Ca -

1. Practice chugging at home with water.
2. Dont eat the night before.
3. Vocal Coaching

You will be ok.

Michelle in the stein drinking contest last year at the festival.

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Sunset Junction 2008

Sunset Junction CrowdImage by Clinton Steeds via FlickrSo I pick up Anthony L Montoya in Alta Loma,California after sleeping only 3 hours.
I had performed at Goodfellas Music Venue in Rancho Cucamonga, California.

We went down the 210 to 134 to the 101 fwy. We took the Lauren Canyon exit.
Passed through Hollywood hills while giving Anthony the tour of the John Holmes "Wonderland Murder" house, then up by the Mary Astor house where Marilyn Manson lives. That home the Beatles and the Rolling Stones made famous.

Then we went down to Sunset then East to Silverlake.
We stopped to get some tall cans of Bud light then parked by the Event.

We walked without a care in the world. I thought it was free.
We walked pass the guys at the gate with no problem.
Then these guys in a golf cart stopped and said, we dont have blue wristbands.
We need to go pay.

We went to the ticket booth.
20 bucks to get in? Damn.
We are deff. finding a way in.
We walked around half the festival with no luck.
Then I remembered I had some wristbands in the car.
2 blue wristbands I had.
We put em on and were were in.

I seen my favorite bar in Los Angeles the "4100 Bar"
We spent the rest of the night there from 3pm to 9pm.
Prices were on the Up.
2 long Island Ice teas for $30 (tip included)
Luckily we made friends with a guy in there with a Jack Daniels bottle.

We were suppose to meet up with our friends,Nick and Michelle. We were suppose to go to Lucky Strike for Michelles B-day. Sorry Michelle.

When I got in the car. I passed out.

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Day of Dead at Hollywood Forever Cemetary 2007

Can real ghost be seen mostly around Halloween? Maybe
Can real ghost most like be seen at a cemetary? Most Likely.

This Festival is more personal.

We went to the Hollywood Forever Cemetary "Dia De Los Muertos Festival"
garcia family familia cesar maria torres ca quito
cesar garcia noemi hollywood forever cemetary ca
So.......we were at Michelles grandfather grave inside the cemetary. It took us about a half hour to find it. We were ready to give up. I was determined for Emilio to meet his grandfather Cesar Garcia he never met in the before life. I wanted to also find it for Michelles sister Erica and her kids. I wanted them to know where it was at so they can always say hello when they are in the area.
Ive been to Haunted picture website and they always showed pictures like this and said the blur is a ghost. What do you think?
ghost dia de los muertos hollywood festival hunter socal ramone valentino rudolf cemetary death haunt scary blood forever ca cali

This is my second picture with Mr. Ramone wearing the same shirt. Funny!
Emilio and I
johnny ramone festival california los angeles mexican mexico death haunted hollywood forever cemetary hunter gabe 909
This is the video I shot on the way there out from the Inland Empire. I actually shot this off the 10 fwy and Barranca in Covina.

The Festival has lot of booths they call "Altars." They decorate these altars as shrines. There are different themes all around the Cemetary. First prize is $3000 dollars for the best Altar. This altar won first prize last year.
Everybody comes dressed up in skeleton attire.
They also have one big stage and a few little stages with performers and vendors that sell alcohol,food, and arts/crafts.

If you are from out of town in Hollywood around Halloween night, this is a must do!

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Nocturnal Festival 2008

N.ational O.range (Nos)
This year Pasqual drops the Wonderland out of "Nocturnal Wonderland"
Usually this event has been on Labor day weekend. This year it is one year later.
This is the best setup and event I have ever been to at the Orange Show.
Nocturnal had 7 stages with carnival rides and a VIP

This event I took my girlfriends Michelle. My brother and sister Emily and Derek. They took their friends Joe and Leslie.
We get to Noctural by exiting the the 10 fwy at Waterman and going around the traffic on the 215 fwy. We kick caught in the traffic for a while but end up on the West Side of the Orange Show. We park in front of a Subway.

We tried many gates using our VIP but they all sent us to the front of the venue.

We get inside and we run into my friend Anthony Montoya. He says he cant find my other friends and his brother, Nick and Lou Castle.
Most of us split up but Michelle,Anthony and I stay together.
We chill out for a bit by the lake. Then decide to go get a 9 dollar

Nick and Lou finally call Anthony and we try looking for them.

While looking for them Michelle has to go to the restroom and I go into the Citrus building to feel the vibe. I run into my friends Gusacci and Adrian and dance with them for a minute and go back to meet Michelle by the restroom.

We finally find Lou and Nick and we walk around for a bit.
We lost them during a refill of alcohol.

I noticed Dj Craze was coming on at 1:30am.
Michelle didnt know he was on the lineup. I did. Being one of Michelles favorite dj's she had never seen. I told her not only will you see him but we will be on stage with him. She was all for it.
We got to the Electrodome stage when "So Me" from Paris,France was performing.
He hooked me up with this Hollywood star slip mat. Seen in this picture.
So Me hooked me up with the Hollywood Star Slip Mat. Thanx
We were on stage with him for most of his set. (still looking for a pic of him with me)
However, Here is a picture of Craze w/ Michelle and I. One with Michelle.
Once again I wish we could of had our camera. Craze seemed like a cool lad.

We went walking around a bit more than went back to the car through the Artist trailers. Low and behold Michelle spots the "Craze Trailer"
Heres the pic.

We get back to the car and wait 10 min. and Emily and Leslie show up.
We were hungry so we went to the crowded Cheveron at the corner to wait for my
brother and his friends

One final note-

The Rave Act- bans all night parties in California. Now we call raves festivals too.
These parties use to go only til 12am after the "Rave Act". They are getting later and later now, to how there were. Lets not fuck it up! Party Responsible

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