Kohoutek Comet Festival 2008

This was a free event with free beer.
2 or 3 kegs of Sierra Nevada.
(I tipped 2-4 bucks a beer to support the cause! well, and to put in for another keg)
The students there also sell cotton candy, cupcakes, oranges, and other things.
They had a bus there that runs off of veg. oil.
KSPC was there.
They had a jumper and a sumo ring.
I wanna dj there next year.

I took my girlfriend Michelle and my little boy Emilio.
This event is great for kids. Just look at the footage:

The vibe was cool and the music was great.
When we were leaving more people were arriving.
I think arriving at 430 is early.
However we did see 2 bands.
We left at 7pm and wanted to go back at 10pm but Emilio stayed up late.
The website says it was going to be over at 2am.

I am going back next year for sure.
For information visit back here or Google

For more information go to The Music Hunters

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