Roblox Games Conference 2012

July 14, 2012
Santa Clara Convention Center
Doors open at 9:00 am (or earlier, TBD) | Event starts at 10:00 am
Event ends at 4:00 pm | Doors Close at 5:00pm

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Welcome from CEO and Founder David Baszucki, and the ROBLOX Team
Tons of Demos
How to Break Into the Game Industry
Education for Game Careers
New Product Sneak Peeks
Audience Participation Events
ROBLOX Hall of Fame 2012
David Baszucki’s Vision of ROBLOX in 2020

How to Break Into the Game Industry

Do you need a solid college degree, an awesome portfolio, or just a great personality? ROBLOX employees talk about their experiences and how they got where they are.

R&D Computer Lab

Play ROBLOX and test out new features while chatting with the developers. Give them live feedback on your gaming and creating experiences.


Bring your laptop and sit in on building and programming sessions and challenges with the developers. This activity will be interactive and participatory. Wireless internet will be provided. Check out our Mock Hackathonfor an example of what to expect.

User Feedback Sessions

ROBLOX Staff will be taking your feedback during the day at the User Feedback Sessions. A schedule of topics will be posted, so be sure to stop by to discuss the features you care about most.

Forums and Groups Meetup Zones

Come meet your online friends and enemies in the Meetup Zone. ROBLOX will designate some general areas for forum communities and groups to find each other. Owners of large groups should consider buying a dedicated booth so they can maintain a space for the full day.

Staff and Vendor Booths

We will have a variety of booths staffed by the ROBLOX Team as well as vendors and sponsors.
Booth Types: Autographs, Book Sales, Work at ROBLOX, ROBLOX T-shirts and other items for sale.

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